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Philosophy, Science, and Christianity (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)



The Problem of Evil / Suffering



The Cosmological Argument (Big Bang, Etc.)

The Atheist's Boundless Faith in Deo-Atomism ("The Atom-as-God")

The Teleological Argument (Design)

Dialogue on Materialist Evolutionary Theory and Intelligent Design (including St. Augustine's and St. Thomas Aquinas' Views on Creation and Evolution) (vs. five agnostics)

The Ontological Argument



Early Modern Science and Its Relationship to Religion


Early Protestant Hostility Towards Science

Christianity's Central Role in the Conception and Development of Modern Science

Christian Influence on Science: Master List of Scores of Bibliographical and Internet Resources

Fertile Soil and Roots of Modern Science: 33 Prominent Christians Prior to 1000 A. D. With Empiricist, Proto-Scientific Views

Philosophy of Science / Scientific Method


Bible, Christianity, and Science Issues

Is God in Time? (vs. John W. Loftus)

Modern Biology and Original Sin (+ Part 2) (Edward Feser)

Time to Abandon the Genesis Story? (Dr. Dennis Bonnette, Homiletic and Pastoral Review, 10 July 2014)

Adam and Eve: Defense of Their Literal Existence as the Primal Human Couple, by Catholic Philosopher, Dr. Dennis Bonnette
Climate Change / Global Warming Issue

Discussion on Global Warming [Facebook, 9 April 2015]

Further Discussion on Global Warming and Particularly the Melting of Polar Ice Caps and Al Gore's False Predictions [Facebook, 13 July 2015]

The Kooky Fundamentalist Revival of Geocentrism

Response (in Words and Actions) to the Vehement Criticisms of Geocentrists "johnmartin" and "juscot"


Biblical and Historical Evidences for Raising the Dead

James White Readily Grants Possible Legitimacy to the Flimsiest "Evidence" That Padre Pio Faked His Stigmata

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